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Large Areca Palm, Snake Plant, and Fig Tree | Three Plants Bundle | Matching Pots

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Potted Large Areca Palm, Snake, Ficus Benjamina | Three Plants Bundle in Glossy White Ceramic Pots

Large Areca Palm, Snake Plant, and Fig Tree | Three Plants Bundle | Matching Pots

Transform Your Space with Our Three Plants Bundle - Handpicked Areca Palm, Snake Plant, and Ficus Benjamina or Fig Tree in Matching Ceramic Pots:

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with our carefully curated Three Plants Bundle. This set includes a Large Areca Palm, Snake Plant, and Ficus Benjamina, each handpicked and potted using our Ultra Premium signature organic soil mix. Presented in matching pots, these plants make a stylish statement in any space.


  • What's included: One each of Large Areca Palm, Snake Plant, and Ficus Benjamina
  • Height: Areca Palm (130-140cm), Snake Plant (70-80cm), Ficus Benjamina (80-100cm)
  • Pot Type: Matching Ceramic Pots
  • Base Plate: Included
    • Standard - default plastic
    • Premium - matching ceramic plates
  • Indoor/ Outdoor: Indoor

Each plant in this bundle is meticulously selected for its unique characteristics:

  • Large Areca Palm: Known for its feathery, arching fronds, the Areca Palm adds a touch of tropical elegance to your space.
  • Snake Plant: With its striking vertical leaves, the Snake Plant is not just a visual delight but also an excellent air purifier.
  • Ficus Benjamina: Often referred to as the 'Weeping Fig', this plant brings an interesting shape and lush greenery to your indoor garden.

All our plants come with a base plate and decorative pebbles, enhancing the aesthetic appeal while ensuring optimal growth conditions.

Elevate your indoor decor with our Three Plants Bundle. Order today and step into a world of lush greenery and calm.