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How to Rescue your Favorite House Plant in Dubai, UAE?

By :Green Hands 0 comments
How to Rescue your Favorite House Plant in Dubai, UAE?

How to Rescue your Struggling House Plant?

If you're like most plant enthusiasts, you probably have a few house plants that you've been neglecting lately. You go to water them, and to your horror you realize that they're barely hanging on by a thread. Not to worry! There's still hope for your little green friends. In this blog post you will learn how to rescue your dying plant using some simple steps. All you need is a little TLC (tender love and care) and some patience. Here's how:

First up, identify the houseplants that are struggling and need help and follow the below 5 points checklist.

#1 Check for water and sunlight.

Is the plant getting enough water and sunlight?

Indoor plants require different levels of sun exposure and watering routine. As a rule of thumb, water only when the top 1 inch of the soil goes dry. Or ask your vendor/ nursery to provide specific guidelines.


#2 Check the quality of soil.

Is the soil a healthy organic mix, or just coco-peat?

Most nurseries in the UAE sell plants potted in coco peat. While coco peat is a great option for nurseries, it isn't the best for your houseplants. Ensure that you repot the plant in a healthy organic soil mix. The ideal soil should contain the right mix of organic soil, perlite (allows for better aeration), plant food or organic fertilizers and anti bacterial to ensure the roots don't rot.


#3 Check the root structure.

Has the plant overgrown the pot? Do you notice roots pushing out of the existing pot?

It is recommended to repot your houseplants every 6-12 months depending on the pot size. Upgrade the pot to at-least one to two sizes bigger than the existing pot, especially if the plant is root bound.


#4 Check for a drain hole.

Does the pot have a drain hole? Avoid closed pots by all means!

Ensure your favorite houseplants are potted in one with a drain hole. The drain hole not only ensures excess water to drain out (preventing root rot), it also allows for better aeration of the roots. Yes, roots need to breath and need space to grow.

#hack: Temporary fix for pots without drain holes (if you are in love with the pot and cannot drill a hole, that is). Add a layer of gravel or stones at the bottom of your pot, and repot.


#5 Check for any recent change of position.

Have you recently moved the position of the plant?

Houseplants don't like to be moved (from their favorite spots)! Yes, they are fixated, and some even throw tantrums (peace lily is one such drama queen!). Like us humans, plants don't like change. They love to settle in their comfort corner within the home.  Avoid significant movements/ change of position.



While there could be many more reasons for a plant to stop growing and start dying, these 5 checks should help rescue most of your houseplants!

Love the care tips but don't have time to do them yourself? Please don't worry. Call our specialists to rescue your favorite houseplants today.

Book a plant rescue service HERE! Or connect with our Plant Rescue Specialists at +971-526261977 (or CLICK HERE to chat on WhatsApp).

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